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‘This American Life’ Producer Raises $1.5 Million for Podcast Startup Gimlet

Public-radio producer Alex Blumberg made a living explaining how business works, for shows such as This American Life and Planet Money. He still does, only now he’s doing it from the inside.  Blumberg and co-founder Matt Lieber have raised $1.5 million for their podcasting startup, Gimlet Media. The New York company raised $200,000 of the round through an equity crowdfunding campaign that reached its goal in a matter of hours, Blumberg said.  The startup’s launch is being chronicled, naturally, on a podcast called StartUp. The initial episodes have covered common concerns facing many startups, such as coming up with a name – a puzzle neatly solved by Lexicon Branding, finding partners and raising funding. StartUp is the first show from Gimlet, which plans to launch a network of podcasts.

4 Things That Make a Startup Name Flop

David Placek knew something was off when he met with Microsoft to figure out a brand name for its latest product. Cloud Link? Cloud Pro? None of the names sounded right. The product was a cloud platform, sure, but it did little to spark his imagination. Besides, everyone was already talking about the cloud. He eventually sold Microsoft on naming its product Azure, a brighter name for a platform that promises to help people get working in the cloud quickly. Inc.'s Jill Krasny asked Lexicon's president what makes a company name flop.

How to Survive A Panda "Attack"

Pandas, penguins and hummingbirds typically evoke warm, feel – good thoughts. That is unless your company misses out on valuable web traffic after changes to search engine algorithms impact where your company ranks on search engine results pages – or if it shows up at all. Lexicon president David Placek talks about creating a distinctive and memorable strategic marketing tool: your brand name.

Lexicon Branding Helps Isis Wallet Become Softcard

What happens when an extremist group known for committing brutal acts of violence uses the same name as your company? According to David Placek, the founder of Lexicon Branding, “You make the tough decision to rebrand and move forward.”

Lexicon Expands to Meet Client Needs

Lexicon Branding recently expanded our roster of associates, adding four new members to our staff in various positions, each with unique capabilities. Meet Nick Gaylord, Joyce Lee, Michael Quinn, and Lauren Simpson.

Lexicon Heads to the Geneva Motor Show

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is under way and motor enthusiasts are already feasting on stunning designs, luxurious interiors, and unprecedented engine power. Almost as bold, inventive, and aggressive as the cars are the names. There to ride front seat with these new concepts is David Placek, President and Founder of Lexicon Branding, the naming agency behind Subaru’s Outback and Forester, Nissan’s Rogue, Honda’s Ridgeline, Toyota’s Scion, Mercedes-Benz’s Metris, and GM’s OnStar.

The art – and science – of creating a brand name

Anyone who has spent time poring over a book of baby names or wrestling with the legacy of great-grandma Bertha knows that coming up with a name is no trivial matter. And when it comes to the multimillion-dollar baby that is a major brand, the pressure is on. That is why nervous corporate parents come to David Placek’s door. Over the past 30 years, the founder of Sausalito, Calif.-based Lexicon Branding Inc. has focused solely on giving brands their names.

The dark art of choosing a company name

Choosing a name for a new business is perhaps the first big decision that the founder has to make. How vital is it to pick a good one?, BBC Business News reporter Kabir Chibber spoke to Lexicon president David Placek about the opportunities and challenges that come with creating and choosing the "right" company name.

Wal-Mart opening clinic in Cove (Wal-Mart Care Clinic)

Wal-Mart opened a medical clinic inside its Copperas Cove superstore this past April 25th.  It’s the first location for the Walmart Care Clinic Pilot Program, which plans to offer a variety of primary health care services to its associates and customers for a low cost.  To create the name, Wal-Mart hired Lexicon Branding in Sausalito, CA. According to David Placek, Lexicon’s founder, "this is a case where simplicity and transparency was of utmost importance."

What to do when a brand becomes synonymous with terror (Softcard)

U.S.-based Isis Wallet, which makes a mobile phone app for financial payments, has decided to change its name to Softcard to eliminate any perceived connection to the Islamic State (ISIS) militants who beheaded two American journalists in recent weeks. David Placek, the president of Lexicon Branding, which worked with the company to create the Softcard name, spoke to the Globe And Mail.