Brand Naming Strategy

Today, we see the role of a brand name as delivering strategic impact. Nothing more, nothing less. We define strategic impact as the ability of a name to get attention, generate interest and tell a new story.

With more than 19.5 million active trademarks and 230 million URLs in the world today, developing a brand name with strategic impact requires focus, process and experience.

A name with strategic impact. That's our guarantee on every assignment.

Lexicon offers the naming services that are needed to develop, evaluate and select an effective name.

For almost a decade, the company relied on naming jobs subcontracted by other firms. In the mid-eighties, it came up with Outback, for a Subaru S.U.V. At the time, just about every new S.U.V. name carried associations with the American West: Scout, Cherokee, Wagoneer. Placek wanted to suggest ruggedness but avoid predictability. “'I love Oscar Wilde’s line that an idea that isn’t dangerous is hardly worth calling an idea at all.'

— The New Yorker, October 2011