Brand Naming Tools

We combine three powerful tools to create names:

Team Creativity

We know that small creative teams significantly outperform larger groups. In our process, two-person teams are charged with developing solutions based on a broad creative framework for your project.

Structural Linguistics

Our linguists harness 27 years of R&D investments we have made to identify morphemes (small, meaningful word forms), sounds and metaphors for use by our creative teams.

Computer-Aided Development

While our computer programs are only supplemental to our team creativity, they can be very effective. When we initiate a new assignment, online dictionaries and proprietary databases identify linguistic and creative building blocks for individuals to use. Additional computer programs help us to combine word parts into new solutions. And finally, candidates are evaluated with software tools to identify linguistic strengths and weaknesses like structure, stress and rhythm. When you partner with Lexicon, you have access to over one million dollars in linguistic and cultural research.