Our Brand Naming Process

Naming used to be easy.

But a laundry list of competitive and digital pressures has made strategic brand name creation all the more important and almost impossible.

A new brand name must:

  • Work across multiple media platforms and across the Internet
  • Be easy to search—yet distinctive within the context of blogs, YouTube and Twitter environments
  • Able to be registered in key countries
  • Be able to travel around the world

By combining our experience across major consumer and technology categories and collaborating closely with our clients, Lexicon has developed a strategic brand naming process that works to meet the challenges of trademark development.

We offer all of the services that are needed to develop, evaluate and select a name with strategic impact. Our brand name development services include strategy and name development using small creative teams and linguists. We also have a trademark team, a research team and a GeoLinguistics™ team.

Most projects at Lexicon start off with free-associated Mind Maps—large diagrams of words that spread out like dendrites from a central concept. A map of hundreds of words, generated at the pace of a brainstorming session, can take less than ten minutes to produce and can resemble a Cy Twombly scribble painting. The maps help to stake out linguistic territory, and to bring forth the deeper associations that a particular product evokes—the words underneath the name.

— The New Yorker, October 2011