Brand Name Selection

We select names from three vantage points.

Once we are confident that our teams have created broad ranges of potential solutions, we review each candidate from three distinct vantage points:

Strategic Impact: This is the ability of a new name to get attention (within a category), generate interest, and deliver a new message.

Semantic Value: Too often a name is selected simply by its literal meaning or rejected because of a few personal associations. In our selection process, we look beyond a word’s literal meaning and analyze other possible associations that the name might suggest. Is the name multifaceted? Can it deliver new energy to the category?

Phonetic Structure: Does the name look and sound natural or artificial? Does it offer a pleasing, rhythmic quality? Is it constructed to create a balance between vowels and consonants? Is it likely to be memorable because of its stress patterns? Does it help to convey the right tone?