Brand Name Language and Cultural Assessments

Lexicon Branding’s GeoLinguistics services provide language and cultural assessments of brand names to ensure that they mean what they are supposed to mean… here and abroad.

Linguistic & Cultural Assessments

From a linguistic perspective, our assessments identify a word’s ability to deliver:

  • Your messages
  • Most likely connotations
  • Ease or difficulty of spelling, and pronunciation

From a cultural perspective, our assessments identify any conflicting, offensive or abrasive historical or contemporary social issues that may surround the product, the category or the name itself.

How Effective Will Your Brand Name Be As It Travels Around the World?

The goal of our 85-member GeoLinguistics team is to answer that question for you.

It's relatively easy to determine whether a word has obvious problems in another language. However, thoroughly understanding a word’s strategic impact at the local level requires local interviews with native speakers.

Our network of Ph.D. linguists (representing 53 languages) conduct in-person interviews using a proprietary Lexicon questionnaire with your specific target audience.

Lexicon also offers translations and transliterations in your key languages.

Lexicon GeoLinguistics Network