Food 2.0: the future of what we eat

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The burger on the hotplate in front of me is sizzling like meat. The patty is browning like meat and gives off a beefy smell. When I bite into it, sandwiched between bun and lettuce, it certainly tastes like meat, its juices running down my chin.

This meat, however, has never been near a cow or a meadow: it is made entirely of vegetables here in Redwood City, in the heart of Silicon Valley.  If that sounds impossible, meet Impossible Foods, just one of several Silicon Valley start-ups that want to change what we eat, how it is produced­ and how we eat it. “We are not trying to make a meat alternative,” says Pat Brown, founder and chief executive of Impossible Foods. “We are making meat a better way.”

Unify Launches Ansible, Now Known as Circuit

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Unify, formerly Seimens Enterprise Communications, partnered with Lexicon to name Circuit, their powerful new unified communications platform that offers customers everything from video and voice to messaging and file sharing. It also gives users a place for storing the data from the meetings so that it can be accessed at a later date.

Tangerine Brings the Future of Banking to Canadians with New Biometrics Offerings

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Tangerine Bank, named in partnership with Lexicon Branding, today unveiled new biometric technology that will revolutionize the way clients interact with its Mobile Banking app and reimagine what Canadians expect when it comes to everyday banking. As the first Canadian bank to launch Voice Banking and Touch ID™, Tangerine's Mobile Banking app brings clients the ability to bank with their voice and use new fingerprint technology to log in with the touch of a finger for added security.