The World of Business: Famous Words

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"Lexicon’s most successful names—among them Pentium, for Intel; Swiffer, for Procter & Gamble; PowerBook, for Apple; Dasani, for Coca-Cola—have become immensely lucrative global brands, which collectively have brought in billions of dollars for their companies." John Colapinto's article in The New Yorker profiles Lexicon Branding and president & founder David Placek.

Name Calling

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Lexicon Branding Creative Associate Marc Hershon is interviewed for Canada's Marketing Magazine for their feature "How I Got This Kick-Ass Job!"

Lexicon Adds Craig Dubitsky to Advisory Board

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January 18th, 2011

Craig has a history of identifying white space, and in bringing disruptive, emotionally connected consumer products to market. Craig has been involved with brands such as Method, Boots, eos, Help, Vaska and Popcorn, Indiana.

Put simply, Craig is a born arbitrageur. Throughout his varied career, Craig has been able to effectively identify and capitalize on discrepancies and untapped "white spaces" across such diverse fields as commodities and currencies, to culture and consumer packaged goods. Craig is the CEO of 20-10 LLC, an advisory and holding company solely focused on transformational consumer brands. Craig identified and led the original investment in Method Products while SVP of Venture Development at Simon Property Group, serving as one of the company's founding Directors. Craig was the co-founder of The Kind Group, a consumer products holding company. While at Kind, Craig conceived eos, a disruptive women's personal care brand. Craig is also a Director of Help Remedies, a breakthrough OTC brand, and Vaska, a transformational fabric care company. He is also a Director of the Art Directors Club, the oldest global marketing and communications organization of its kind, with a mission to connect, provoke and elevate creative visual communications professionals around the world.

In addition to his chairmanship, Craig will be working with the team on a range of engagements, bringing his experience and insights to Lexicon clients.