Lexicon Founder David Placek Introduced as Shocase Advisor

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From: Business Wire

The marketing sector is in a state of major disruption with the rise of mobile, digital, social and big data technologies. With this major transformation, including the evolving role of traditional branding, collaboration between brand marketing, product development, customer experience and design is more important than ever before.

That’s why Shocase, Marketing’s Professional Network, today announced it is bringing on four of the world’s top branding leaders to serve in senior advisory positions. In their roles, Claude Salzberger, David Placek, Jerry Kuyper and Roger van den Bergh will provide their input, advice and expertise on the features and functionalities of the Shocase network and demonstrate how the site allows branding professionals to connect with others in the industry, find the right marketing partners and stay on top of the news and trends impacting their professional lives.

“It’s no secret that the marketing landscape is changing rapidly,” said Ron Young, Shocase’s founder and CEO. “Having a go-to network for marketers to not only display their work but also connect with others, be inspired by the industry’s best and potentially identify partners and build business is of the utmost importance to today’s professionals. Having these branding super stars serve in senior advisory roles will give Shocase members a deeper, richer experience.”

The four advisors represent the best and brightest in the branding world:

Claude Salzberger is the founder/president of MBLM, an interactive, multidisciplinary brand agency dedicated to creating brand intimacy between people, brands and technology. Widely regarded as a specialist and expert in the corporate identity field, Claude has personally directed some of the most highly acclaimed branding programs over the last three decades, including the creation of new identities for American Airlines, the Mexico Tourism Board, UPS, GM, United Way, Telefonica and British Airways, among others.

David Placek is the founder of Lexicon Branding, a marketing firm focused on selecting brand names for companies and products. Placek devised the brand names BlackBerry, PowerBook, Swiffer, Febreze, Subaru Outback, Toyota Scion, Dasani, OnStar and many others.

Jerry Kuyper is an industry legend with more than 30 years of experience overseeing corporate and brand identity programs. He established Jerry Kuyper Partners in 2004 and held a senior position at Lippincott prior to that. Among his most notable work is designing visual identifies for companies including Cisco, AT&T and Touchstone Films.

Roger van den Bergh , co-founder of Onoma, translates strategies into memorable visual brand identity design. His work includes Continental Airlines, as well as current projects for the Urban Institute, Sonifi and a soon-to-be-published 150th anniversary book about the Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh. Shocase is the first-of-its-kind professional social network that offers its members greater visibility to display work, build a reputation and be inspired by the industry’s best. The network also enables members to stay informed of the latest news and trends that impact their professional lives, build working relationships and ultimately grow their business.

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