New Monsanto Melon Varieties Boast Sweetness, Firm Flesh

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This winter, Monsanto worked with Plantation, Fla.-based Fresh Quest Inc. to test market the Melorange. That test market should last through the end of May, van de Burgt said. The melons are being grown in Honduras and Guatemala.

The company is also working with select retailers, including St. Louis-based Schnuck’s Markets, in the trial run.

“They had them in the store two weeks ago and did some in-store sampling,” van de Burgt said March 18. “Response was so great they’re going to expand to 11 stores this weekend and 50 stores in the next couple of weeks.”

The Melorange is smaller than a typical cantaloupe, and is meant to claim its own space on the shelf, not to take the place of the traditional Western shipper cantaloupe. It also has a different look, sporting dark green sutures instead of netting.

Monsanto is working with growers in Arizona and California to test the variety’s domestic growing performance this summer.

The company also has two melons in the pipeline — a honeydew melon that should be in test markets this summer and a watermelon that it’s preparing for a 2013 launch.

SweetPeak is an orange-flesh honeydew with a deeper flavor profile than honeydew currently on the market, van de Burgt said. It’s skin changes color as it ripens, allowing growers to more easily pick melons at the most opportune time.

SummerSlice, the watermelon, is a full size seedless watermelon bred to have flesh that stays firm longer after being cut.

Excerpt from "New Melon Varieties Boast Sweet, Firmer Flesh" article appearing on The Packer website. Read full article here.