KitchenAid Torrent Makes Most Innovative Home Products of 2015 List

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From: Consumer Reports

This was the year that outdoor equipment and large appliance makers started thinking outside the box in a big way. The refrigerator box. The dishwasher box. The space heater box. The result was some interesting and innovative products that maximize space, use new technologies, or just have a fun twist. Like a refrigerator that makes hot coffee and a washing machine that brings back the old washboard. Robotic mowers and vacuums cleaned up with little effort on our part and we found appliance doors that open in new or unusual ways.

Here are some of the most creative products that Consumer Reports brought into the Home and Appliance labs this year.

A New Spin on a Blender

Unlike most blenders that click on to a base, the pitcher of the KitchenAid Torrent Magnetic Drive KSB5010 blender slides in like a coffee maker. A magnetic drive locks the pitcher in place and the controls are on top rather than the bottom.

Why we like it: The new design lowers the profile of the blender so it fits on the counter under most cabinets. And you don’t have to hold down the top with your hand as you make your mixture.

What’s the score: While the KitchenAid was excellent at pureeing and very good at crushing ice, it was only so-so at making icy drinks and smoothies and was a bit noisy.

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