KitchenAid’s Torrent Blender Slated to Be a Game-Changer

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From: Home Furnishings News

KitchenAid has created a global business unit that will focus on the high-performance blender category.

As defined by Kay Oswald, the brand's global business unit director for blenders, this category (called "super premium blenders" in a KitchenAid statement) consists of products that come with a suggested retail price of from $299 and up. The unit's first product, called Torrent and scheduled for availability this spring, will be what KitchenAid said is the first blender for home use that is designed with an interlocking magnet drive system, instead of a traditional coupler mechanism, which both powers the blades and secures the jar.

Coinciding with the Torrent's launch, KitchenAid will support the new product with product demonstrations; a promotional partnership with specialty produce distributor Melissa's Produce; a dedicated website with recipes and videos; and the formation of a social-media community.

"It was important for us to come out of the gate with a true game changer in the category," Oswald said. "Our very first product sends a signal to retailers and consumers that KitchenAid intends to lead the category in performance, innovation and marketing."

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