HP's Envy 14 Spectre Takes Top Laptop Honors at 2012 CES

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HP Turns Heads At Consumer Electronics Show With Glass Laptop

NY Daily News

HP has raised the bar in laptop design at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with the ENVY 14 Spectre, which features lightweight, scratch-resistant glass on the lid, display, palmrest and ImagePad.

"Sleek, midnight black glass on the outside and stark contrast silver glass on the inside make Spectre extraordinary, defying conventional notebook design," said Eric Keshin, senior vice president, Strategy and Marketing, Personal Systems Group, HP. "We chose the Spectre name to evoke mystery, and we packed it with the best in entertainment technology to satisfy those who expect the unexpected."

The multi-surface glass notebook is a step towards the future, where today’s comparatively bulky computers will be squeezed into smart, touch-sensitive glass displays that can change their function and morph into the tools the user requires.

Chip maker Intel briefly previewed a futuristic-looking laptop with a transparent glass trackpad-cum-window into the display during its CES press event, that also hits at the all-glass-device trend. The prototype laptop, dubbed Nikiski, features a glass touchpad underneath the keyboard that morphs into a touch-enabled display when the laptop is closed.

While smart glass-embedded devices might be at least another five years away, the HP Envy 14 Spectre fits itself firmly into the current thin, streamlined Ultrabook trend. It has a profile of 20 mm (Acer’s newly announced Aspire S5 currently wins the prize for the thinnest Ultrabook at 15 mm) and features a high-resolution, rich-color Radiance Display.

It also packs in some extra "boom" thanks to high-performance audio technology Beats Audio and wireless audio streaming to up to four external devices.

The HP Envy 14 Spectre includes 256GB of storage, features rapid start-up and boot times and a built-in webcam, and lasts up to nine hours on one charge. It also ships with the full versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10 plus two years of Norton Internet Security.

The HP ENVY 14 Spectre notebook PC will start shipping in the United States on February 8 with a starting price of $1,399.99. It will launch in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom in early March.

The Best Of CES 2012: HP Envy 14 Spectre


In the laptop realm, CES 2012 has been all about ultrabooks, the thin, light, and supersleek Windows alternatives to the MacBook Air. The newly announced HP Spectre distinguished itself from the pack with an all-glass lid and palm rest. (Don't worry about it cracking--it's the same superstrong Gorilla Glass found in cell phone screens.) At a CES devoid of many eye-popping laptops, the Spectre could be the most stylish of the bunch. Beats Audio is included on this premium ultrabook, along with an inset analog wheel for volume control, support for near-field communication (NFC), and HP Wireless Audio. Alas, you're going to pay for having the coolest laptop at the coffee shop: prices start at $1,399 when it ships in February.