EA’s official teaser for Battlefield Hardline confirms October 21 release

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by tech, tech.firstpost.com
June 6th 2014

Electronic Arts released the official teaser trailer for Battlefield Hardline, confirming the rumoured October 21 release date, reported Gamespot.

According to the report, Hardline was confirmed by Visceral Games last week and the game revolves around a detective named Nick Mendoza who pursues his rogue ex-partners across the US multiplayer details were also revealed in the video. The game features four new modes Heist, Rescue, Hotwire and Bloodmoney which are shown in glimpses throughout the video.

The video earlier had the PlayStation logo towards the end which suggested that the game was probably set to be showcased at Sony’s E3 press conference or published on the PlayStation website. The logo was later removed for reasons unknown. Electronic Art is set to showcase more of the game at E3 and we will get a better look at what Mendoza is capable of and how the gameplay would go.

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