chip'ins: Popcorn In Another Snack Food's Clothing

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Wall Street Journal: Bits & Bites
By Charlotte Druckman

April 9, 2011

Semi-reformed junk food junkies have another drug to discover. Made from popcorn, the light-as-air, thin and crispy triangular chip'ins have very little in common with the butter-drenched movie snack. They come across as a hybrid of a corn chip and a Triscuit — they've got a nutty, toasty thing going on. Their Englewood, N.J.-based producer, Popcorn, Indiana, claims they're gluten-free, all-natural and clear of any trans-fat (what you might categorize as "pretty healthy").

Each of the four flavors is hard to resist and can be inhaled sans dip, including the simplest, which is sprinkled with sea salt (though a side of salsa wouldn't hurt). White Cheddar manages to give you a clear dose of cheese that doesn't overpower, while Hot Buffalo Wing is gently spicy and tangy. Warning: the Jalapeño Ranch has more heat than expected.