Why Lexicon?

Six reasons why Lexicon should develop your next name:


We believe in focus. For more than 27 years, we have focused on developing the right process, the right people and the right resources so that we could develop the best brand names for our clients. Hard working, effective and catchy brand names that serve as strategic marketing tools.


BlackBerry, Swiffer, Pentium, Febreze, PowerBook, Embassy Suites and DeskJet are just a few of the brand names that we have created.

Storytelling Ability

The single most important value of a name is its storytelling ability. While a brand name can never tell your whole story, our creative process is driven by the need to create names that get attention, create interest, and offer something new.

Natural Linguistics

The former chair of Stanford University's Department of Linguistics leads our linguistic team. By investing heavily in developing proprietary linguistic knowledge and in developing clear, linguistically driven principles for name development, this knowledge and data helps us to better understand the unique strengths of specific candidates—and just as important, to create the names that reflect natural language patterns…never awkward hybrids.


Most of our programs are completed within eight weeks and conclude with a presentation of each candidate's marketing, linguistic and trademark profiles.

No Excuses

The thousands of brand names already registered in your category make the odds of success slim. There will be plenty of reasons why you should settle for less, but they won't come from us.