About Lexicon

Lexicon Branding was founded in 1982 with a single mission: To create extraordinary brand names. Names that get attention, names that generate interest, and names that tell the relevant consumer something new.

Since 1982, our experiences of working with leading companies around the world—combined with our independence and our financial strength—have helped us to add research, positioning and trademark services and to build a global network of linguists that assist us in developing names that can travel the world.

Today, with a staff of more than 20 professionals and offices in Sausalito, California and London, England, we provide clients with all the services and experience they need to develop, select and evaluate brand names.

We routinely work with our clients to develop or refine value propositions and positioning platforms, develop communication objectives for the new name, and conduct both consumer research and trademark evaluations.

Our creative process is comprehensive and is focused on the use of small creative teams combined with structural linguistics.

We have completed more than 2,500 projects in categories as diverse as high technology to beverages. We have worked with clients in Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, England, Germany, Holland, France, Israel, Italy, and Finland.

We spend 10 percent of our profits on Research & Development in the areas of consumer trends, consumer research technologies and linguistics.

Our ongoing research in sound symbolism in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia has helped us to better understand the "universal language of branding”—essential to creating truly global trademarks.

Our research techniques to evaluate the potential of words to deliver specific messages and metamorphose into a brand are the most innovative in the industry and based on a five-year R&D program.

Here are Just a Few of Our Success Stories

  • When Toyota was considering the launch of a new automotive division tailored to younger Generation Y drivers, they partnered with us to develop the Scion®brand.
  • Launched in 2002, Scion became an instant success with both Generation Y and older consumers. Every Toyota dealer wanted a Scion outlet. Scion sales climbed from 10,898 cars for a few months in 2003 to 99,259 in 2004. By 2008 over one million Scions were on the road.
  • When processor companies were marketing chips by numbers, we worked with Intel to help them understand how branding could affect their business and then created the Pentium® brand for them.
  • When sales were declining for Subaru's station wagons, we showed Subaru that launching another American West-themed car would not give them a competitive advantage. We then created the Outback® brand for them.
  • When Procter & Gamble reinvented the mop, we invented the Swiffer® brand, helping them to create a new category. When they revolutionized the fabric freshener business, we created the Febreze® brand so that they could tell their story.
  • When Verizon developed a state-of-the-art fiber optic network to market to consumers they partnered with Lexicon to create Fios®, an approachable name that also supports idea of a new level of performance.
  • When the Coca-Cola Company decided to enter the bottled water business we coined a new word, Dasani®, to deliver a unique personality and positioning. The Dasani brand is now the fourth largest bottled water in the United States.
  • When RIM, a Canadian company, asked us to help them name a new email device, we created BlackBerry® a name that was not only a bold departure from the expected but a name that brought delight and enjoyment to the world of email.
  • When Apple developed a computer that was truly portable in size and weight, Lexicon named it the PowerBook®, a simple and elegant name.